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Shooting With a Purpose

  • ​Basic gun safety including, loading, unloading, & general handling.

  • Drawing and presenting your pistol from the holster or carry system.
  • Point shooting & precision shooting for accuracy.
  • Reloading your pistol in normal and under stressful conditions.
  • Close quarter shooting and longer distance shooting.
  • Movement and shooting on the move.
  • Proper use of cover and concealment.
  • Learn to engage multiple threats.
  • Use of a tactical light.
  • Learn to clear a jammed weapon, both strong hand and weak hand.
  • Principals of Concealed Carry, including types of concealment holsters and their benefits.
  • Rapid firing and double or triple tapping.
  • Strong and weak hand shooting, reloading, and clearing jammed guns.
  • Ammunition for Concealed Carry, practice, and the outdoors.
  • Learn to care for your pistol.

If you are going to use a firearm as a defensive tool, you need to become proficient at these important skills:

Shooting With a Purpose

By Bob Lewis​