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Shooting With a Purpose

Shooting With a Purpose

By Bob Lewis​

Tactical Pistol Clinics

​Our Tactical Pistol Clinics are designed to help our clients to stay on top of the many lessons they learn in our regularly programmed classes. These clinics are scheduled every month and will help you practice these frangible skill sets. Most of our competitor’s training programs are conducted in facilities that keep the student firing in a straight line in front of them with other shooters on either side. This kind of practice does not build the experience and confidence you need to handle your firearm under stressful conditions. Our large outdoor facility allows us to practice shooting and moving, engaging multiple targets, and targets that are actually approaching you. We offer the opportunity for you to use different guns during this clinic, so you can learn to shoot both your revolver and your semi-auto pistols, or different types of ammunition. You will be challenged to shoot, reload, and clear jammed weapons with both your strong side hand and your weak hand (left hand if you are right handed and vice-versa). You will develop skills to allow you to engage targets from a sitting position, from behind cover, engaging targets from inside of a vehicle, and combinations of these scenarios. Typical ammunition requirement will be 150 rounds, but some clinics require a higher volume of firing. This class requires that you have already attended one or more of the other programs as a building block to these advanced skills. These clinics are conducted in a fun collegial environment.

Tuition for this class: $95.00, Tuition includes course materials, instruction, range fees, range targets and Lunch. Students must provide their own firearm, magazines or speed loaders, holster, ammunition, as well as, eye and hearing protection.